First Aid at Work – Group Lesson – Local certificate

Group Lesson – 16 training hours (2 days) – Our Bangkok First Aid® First Aid at Work onsite training course is designed for companies who want to reduce the incidence of life-threatening emergencies and to promote efficient responses. This course integrates Primary care and Secondary care with more advanced skills such as artificial ventilation (pocket mask, BVM), oxygen therapy, serious bleeding (tourniquet, israeli bandage…) immobilization and transportation techniques (stretcher, spinal board)… Drills will be organised in your facility to test the capacity of your safety team to respond. We will work with you to develop a Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP) according to the specificity of your company. This MERP can be added to your general safety plan and will be a guide for your employees to follow standards and professional procedures in case of medical emergency situations.

Course Content

Course duration: 16 training hours /2 days training (13 hours class and workshop + 3 hours drills or scenario practice)
Course structure: Knowledge development, skill development, drills & realistic scenario practice.
Pedagogic tools: Manual of participant, videos.
Certification: Participants will be given international certificate after successful completion of training. Validity of Certificate is 2 years. The company will be provided with a bespoke and professional Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP).

Course Content


  • Learn how to recognize a medical emergency and activate an Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP).
  • Learn how to recognize the typical signs and symptoms of heart attack, cardiac arrest, choking, shock, stroke, diabetes, asthma, hypo and hyperglycemia, hypo and hyperthermia.
  • Learn how to perform a primary assessment on a patient using the AB-CABS memory word.
  • Learn how to practice adult CPR and use an Automated External Defibrillator.
  • Learn how to practice artificial ventilation with a Pocket Mask and a Bag Valv Mask (BVM).
  • Learn how to treat serious bleeding (tourniquet and Israeli bandange included), shock, chokes, strokes, allergies, spinal injuries, diabetic emergencies, asthma, hypo and hyperglycaemia, hypo and hyperthermia, epilepsy, bites, burns.


  • Learn how to treat spinal injuries, remove an helmet, place a cervical collar, use a scoop stretcher and a spinal board to immobilize and extract an victim.
  • Learn how to administer O2 (Oxygen therapy).
  • Learn how to practice injury and illness assessment.
  • Learn bandaging, splinting, and slings for dislocation and fractures.
  • Learn how to triage multiple victims.
  • Learn how to activate a medical emergency response plan (MERP) within the company.
  • Drills with realistic scenarios to test the capacity of the safety team to respond.

Group booking only. A minimum of 5 students is required.

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