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First Aid at Work – Group Lesson

Group Lesson – 9 training hours (1 day) – Our First Aid at Work onsite training course is designed to meet national and international standards for CPR & first aid in the workplace. During this course, students will learn both Primary care and Secondary care as well as how to work in a team with more advanced skills such as artificial ventilation, oygen therapy, immobilisation and transportation techniques (stretcher, spinal board).

Course Content

Course duration: 9 training hours. (1 day training)
Course structure: Knowledge development, skill development and realistic scenario practice.
Pedagogic tools: Manual of participant, videos.
Certification: Participants will be given international certificate after successful completion of training. Validity of Certificate is 2 years.

Course Content

  • Learn how to recognize a medical emergency and activate Thailand emergency medical services (EMS).
  • Learn how to recognize the typical signs and symptoms of heart attack, cardiac arrest, choking, shock, stroke, diabetes, asthma, hypo and hyperglycaemia, hypo and hyperthermia.
  • Learn how to perform a primary assessment on a patient using the AB-CABS memory word.
  • Learn how to practice adult CPR and use an Automated External Defibrillator.
  • Learn how to practice artificial ventilation with a Pocket Mask and a Bag Valv Mask (BVM).
  • Learn how to administer O2 (Oxygen therapy).
  • Learn how to treat serious bleeding (tourniquet and Israeli bandange included), shock, choking adult, strokes, allergies, spinal injuries, diabetic emergencies, asthma, hypo and hyperglycaemia, hypo and hyperthermia, epilepsy, bites, burns.
  • Learn how to practice injury and illness assessment.
  • Learn bandaging, splinting, and slings for dislocation and fractures.
  • Learn how to treat spinal injuries, place a cervical collar, lift a victim and extract on a stretcher.

Group booking only. A minimum of 5 students is required.

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